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ature.EMER○GENCE OF CHINESE LIT■ERATUREContempor◆ary Chinese li●terature start

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t was not 〓difficult to◆ decide what to teac●h."You have○ a fairly short ●list of the r○eally impo●rtant author●s and some re〓ally signific◆ant works to u◆se," said La●ughlin. The name○s included Lu Xu

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n,● Mao Dun, C〓ao Yu, and Ba ●Jin, mostly ●authors from■ the first half of t○he 20th Centur●y.More and m○ore Chinese ●writers and critic○s have since ent○ered the interna〓tional arena●, he said. In O●

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ctober 2012, noveli●st Mo Yan w●as awarded the Nobel■ Prize in Literature◆ for his work that "●with hallucinatory ●realism me◆rges folk tales, ●history and the cont〓emporary.""It's hard● for me to keep up

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● with all of th■e great (Chi〓nese) authors■ who are being b●rought into Engli○sh," he said. "S◆o I've been respondi■ng to that by teachi●ng less and ●less of the● early major a●uthors from 10●0 years

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